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Austin Directional Drilling

Not all large drilling operations are vertical. Sometimes a trench isn't viable and there needs to be a tunnel, pipe or bore placed in a difficult rock face or hill. In these cases, horizontal drilling is the method of choice for Austin project managers. With JT Underground & Utility Construction Inc, we have the heavy equipment and talented laborers necessary to provide accurate drilling under any circumstance. Our expert drilling team is capable of performing the vast majority of directional drilling tasks.

Benefits of Directional Drilling

With the high-tech equipment available to JT Underground & Utility Construction Inc, we are able to use HDD guidance systems that track drilling progress in real time. Because of the accuracy of this equipment, we are able to drill around (or through) nearly any obstacle with incredible precision.

The potential environmental hazards of large scale drilling do not escape us, either. With directional drilling to lay gas and communication lines, and underground piping and electrical systems, the harm to the surrounding area is kept to an absolute minimum.

Finally, the strength of our equipment means that no surface is impossible. The densest shale, limestone, granite and clay can be punched through with the bare minimum of difficulty.

No Job is too Difficult

For jobs that require laying piping, electrical, or communication lines in a challenging location, directional drilling is the most environmentally friendly and efficient option. At JT Underground & Utility Construction Inc., Austin residents and business owners have a company able to perform drilling operations that you may have not thought possible. Our team can drill underneath streets, rivers and structures to provide the necessary service. No task is too tough for the professionals at JT Underground & Utility.

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