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Horizontal Drilling in San Antonio TX

Laying pipes, bores, and tunnels, and performing general trench work can be difficult. It can become far more difficult when there are dense clays in place that prevent simpler, vertical drilling methods. Horizontal drilling provides an opportunity for properties that have difficult terrain, or are dense with obstacles. With JT Underground & Utility Construction Inc, San Antonio property owners have access to a company that is able to fill all of your drilling needs.

Why Choose Horizontal Drilling?

At JT Underground & Utility Construction Inc, we use top-of-the-line drilling equipment to ensure that each operation is completed to client satisfaction. This equipment allows us to precisely guide our drills using advanced computers and laser technology. Using this new level of accuracy, we are able to provide San Antonio property owners with the most accurate drilling services possible.

Although it is significantly more difficult than vertical drilling, horizontal drills provide a far more environmentally friendly method of drilling. Because of the incredible accuracy of our drill systems, we are able to provide precision drilling while avoiding damage to the surrounding property and vegetation.

Professional and Reliable Drilling Services

Many San Antonio properties are difficult to drill through because of thick layers of sediment and rock. For years, JT Underground & Utility Construction Inc has provided a solution for property owners faced with challenging drilling locations. Using our state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to provide the highest quality drilling services to each of our San Antonio customers.

With years of dedicated service and experience, we are able to provide consistent, professional service every time.

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