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Directional Drilling in San Antonio TX

Sometimes vertical drilling just isn’t an option. When San Antonio businesses or residences need to lay a tunnel, pipe, or bore, but are unable to work a typical trench system because of obstructions – they need a company that is able to perform the high technology process of directional drilling. When San Antonio needs horizontal drilling, they call JT Underground & Utility Construction Inc. Our drilling team has the equipment, personnel, and expertise to perform any task in any location.

The Benefits of Horizontal Drilling

JT Underground & Utility Construction Inc has the best publically available directional drilling technology. Our heavy equipment makes use of laser enabled HDD guidance systems that track progress in real time. With this new level of accuracy, our team is able to provide the highest level of precision on the market.

While it is more difficult than top-down drilling, horizontal drilling is significantly more environmentally friendly, as well as more accurate. Because of our laser guided computer systems, and the durability and strength of our drills, JT Underground & Utility Inc is able to prevent causing unnecessary damage to the surrounding area by only drilling into precisely located site.

Consistent and Reliable Directional Drilling

Projects like trenching and tunnel laying are not easily accessible in rocky areas or areas embedded with hard clay. For those drilling projects that are in a difficult location, or involving difficult materials, JT Underground & Utility Construction Inc has the equipment that residential and commercial entities need to complete the project.

For years we have served the San Antonio area to provide a service that is unrivaled by other companies, and we want you to join our many satisfied customers.

For a company able to handle your every drilling need, call us today at (210) 267-1629.