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Directional Drilling Experts in Austin

Construction is well known to have its unexpected hurdles and tribulations. One common unexpected challenge is finding out you need a directional drill to place pipes or bores in an hard to reach space in the earth. At JT Underground & Utility Construction, we provide cost effective, environmentally friendly, safe and efficient directional drilling services in the Austin, TX area. Safety is our priority, and efficiency is our practice. Don't let this unexpected challenge become a dangerous and expensive ordeal. Regardless if it is a small residential job or a larger contract involving power, gas and water lines, there is no job too small or too big. Call us to find out more today!

Safe, Effective Drilling

Directional drilling systems are used to minimize damage on surrounding areas. Trenching and excavating can be a costly and environmentally damaging endeavor. Our HDD guidance systems are incredibly precise and allow us to bypass or work with the most complex obstacles during the process. The equipment we use is very versatile and works efficiently in many different types of soil and rock surfaces. We have experience drilling through shale, limestone, granite and clay. We are even able to work with rivers and other bodies of water! Before attempting to undergo with the operation on your own or simply give up, here are some important things to keep in mind when considering undergoing a direction drilling operation.

At JT Underground & Utility Construction, the first thing we prioritize is the safety of the environment and that of our clients. The key to damage prevention is to contact the local Austin Dig-Safe center to determine any pre-existing utilities in the area and have them marked and physically identified. This will save any costly time and confusion in the future, and will help us determine a concrete plan of action. It will also prevent any unnecessary drilling and damage to the environment.

Professional Directional Drillers

Once the exact location of the site is mapped out, identified and marked, it is time to start drilling. It is imperative that you hire professional and experienced workers such as us to do the job. Many complications can arise and it is of utmost importance that a skilled worker is tracking the drill head and directing the operator of the drill to steer it in a safe and efficient manner. Electrical and gas lines are not always installed in uniform, straight lines. That is why it is crucial to hire a trusted and experienced company to navigate the acute details of such a task.

Contact JT Underground & Utility Construction Inc.

In many instances, directional drilling provides many solutions and advantages to otherwise complicated utility installation operations. These may include advantages of efficiency, time, cost and environment. While these are attractive facts about HDD, it is important to ensure the best possible result by hiring a team of professionals to handle the job and provide the best results. Please do not hesitate and call JT Underground & Utility Construction today. We are proud to serve the Austin community!